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AnarNet: Traceability Solution for fresh Pomegranates exported from India


Anarnet traceability solution has been developed and implemented by Logicsoft for its customer Agriculture & processed Food Products Export Development Authority, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India (APEDA) for establishing traceability for fresh pomegranates exported from India to European Union from consignment to the farm.

AnarNet Traceability

This is an end-to-end system for monitoring pesticide residue, achieve product standardization and facilitate tracing back from retail shelves to the farm of the Indian grower, through the various stages of sampling, testing, certification and packing. The implementation has successfully began last season.

Anarnet  covers all stakeholders in the grapes export supply chain including Farmers, exporters, State Government Horticulture/Agriculture departments, Accredited Laboratories, Agmark, Pack houses, Phyto-sanitary Certification Departments, National Referral Laboratory (NRL), APEDA, etc., through a centralized web-based monitoring software.

Please visit the following links for more info: http://www.apeda.gov.in/apedawebsite/Anarnet/Anarnet.htm